About ICII

Interfaces between solids play a decisive role in modern materials sciences and their technological applications. International Conference “Internal Interfaces 2024”, organized to take place in Marburg with its lovely castle will provide an expert forum for the discussion of recent progress as well as of experimental and theoretical challenges in basic research of solid/solid interfaces. The conference will include invited talks, contributed talks and posters in a single-session format.

We are expecting around 100 participants from across the world. The size and focus of the meeting will support a lively and intimate atmosphere with discussions.

Scientific Topics

  • Organic/inorganic interfaces
  • Organic donor/acceptor interfaces
  • Type-II semiconductor interfaces
  • Interfaces of two-dimensional semiconductors
  • Interfaces of topological materials
  • Charge transfer processes at interfaces
  • Properties of interface excitons
  • Chemical reactivity and interphase formation
  • Electronic and structural characterization of solid/solid interfaces
  • Interface-specific optical spectroscopies
  • Advances in theoretical methods for solid/solid interfaces

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SFB 1083
Philipps-Universität Marburg

Meeting History

ICII-2024 will be the 3th meeting of its kind, following ICII-2021 in Rheinfels and ICII-2016 in Marburg.